62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958

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This web site is for and about the men that served with the U.S. Army Highway Patrol Unit in Germany.  Our ranks are rapidly thinning as we are all growing older.  This site is dedicated to all those that served, and more especially to those that have gone on before.  It is hoped that the site will provide visitors with an insight into the duties, background, and history of a very proud and unique military organization/


There will never be another unit quite like the 62nd Military Police Highway Patrol Company.  Those that served before me and those with whom I served were true pioneers.   There were never very many individuals assigned to actual duty with the 62nd Highway Patrol during the unit's official ten year period of existence from 1948 to 1958.  Official records indicate that only 1072 Highway Patrol "troopers” and administrative personnel were selected and assigned to those special duties.  Yet these individual managed to complete the many varied and unique  duties and assignments that received so much attention and publicity throughout Germany during those very turbulent years following the second World War and during the "Cold War" period.


Unfortunately, following deactivation of the 62nd Highway Patrol on 20 September 1958, there were no more individuals to follow after us; or to have the unique privilege of performing the specialized duties of the Army Highway Patrol.  Regrettably, I was among the last individuals assigned to duty with the Highway Patrol, and my tour with the unit was entirely far too short.  At the time the HP was deactivated, I was serving with Detachment A in Darmstadt.  Highway Patrol duty was a very exceptional duty assignment, highly coveted, and sought after by almost every Military Policeman.  The Highway Patrol was established to perform the many special functions related to the safety and movement of personnel and vehicular traffic in addition to carrying out routine Military Police duties and assignments.  This included all military personnel, their dependents, and civilian nationals as well.   The Highway Patrol performed its duties on the Autobahns and on the various other highways and byways throughout Germany.  We wore special insignia and our vehicles had very distinctive markings.  Be sure to check our History page for more information.


Some of us went on to serve in various law enforcement careers after our military assignments, while others made the military their career.  To those men and women that today serve in law enforcement and to those in the Military Police Corps, as well as to those that will continue to serve their country in the future, it is my sincere desire that this site will provide some useful insight into an earlier era.  Stay safe.


This web site is privately maintained by former members of the Highway Patrol.  The site contains a variety of proprietary, copyrighted, and intellectual information and material.  Much of the material and content has been gathered from a variety of sources.  Pictures, files, stories, and information have been furnished by many private individuals, official sources, and by the 62nd Military Police Highway Patrol Association.  Notice is hereby given that all rights are reserved by the Association and the original owners.  This site is not an official web site of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.  Opinions expressed are those of the various contributors, and not necessarily those of the webmaster (unless explicitly stated) or any Government agency, organization, or entity.


Some of our former unit members continue to stay in touch.  We have met at a score of annual reunions, and have maintained contact through our website and numerous communications.  The group has formed a lasting comradeship and continue to share many experiences of our unique former duties and experiences.  We always welcome stories, pictures, and information from and about the unit and its members.  Send any information, corrections, or additional photos to the webmaster for inclusion on our website.  Check in with information from your tour of duty.  Share in the memories with old and new friends from the days of the Highway Patrol.


The Members page provides links to a listing of all the names of former 62nd. Highway Patrolmen.  Unfortunately, we are now a very small group of surviving veterans of a former unique and very prestigious unit.  Age and health issues continue to diminish our numbers.  All known former members of the Highway Patrol are listed on alphabetical member pages.  Links to those pages are found at the bottom of the Members page and are continuously updated as information becomes available.  

E-mail is now our primary (and only viable option) for communication with members (in addition to this website).  Highway Patrol communiqués are periodically emailed to members, however, a VALID and current e-mail address is needed to accomplish this task.  Presently, only a small amount of viable (good & active) email addresses are available for the current roster of known surviving former HP members.  It would be ideal to have correct e-mail addresses for all, however, such an idyllic perspective apparently will not be attainable.  You may send or update your contact e-mail address to: HPwebmeister@gmx.com.



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