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Active and participating membership in the 62nd Military Police Company (HIGHWAY PATROL) Association has declined significantly in recent years.  The number of individuals that came to our later annual scheduled reunion and business meetings also dropped significantly. 


At the 2013 annual business meeting, the membership discussed the problems associated with our dwindling membership, as well as lower attendance at the annual reunions.  Several members stated that they could no longer travel as they once had.  Health issues, aging, and other valid concerns are taking their toll on remaining members of the original unit.  Our association treasurer (and daily business administrator) advised that the decline in participation had reached the level where we could no longer expect favorable hotel rates and accompanying amenities offered to larger groups when trying to make reservations..  In reality,  we were no longer a viable organization.  Accordingly, it was announced that the collection of annual dues would be suspended until further notice.  Subsequently, (during the next several years), all existing association funds were depleted for necessary association expenses.  Our tax-exempt status was rescinded, and our bank account was cancelled.


The association also decided that it could no longer enter into contractual agreements to arrange for hotels or meeting space.  Interested individual members would now have to make any necessary arrangements.  We have managed to hold three additional meetings (reunions), however, the attendance has continued to dwindle.  It now appears that there is only limited interest for sufficient attendance or participation.  See the information on the Reunion Page regarding future meetings.


Active membership in the association has always been reserved and limited to those individuals that had been assigned to, and actively served as members of the 62nd Military Police Company Highway Patrol Unit in Germany, during the period of 20 September 1951 to 20 September 1958, and to those few individuals that were actually assigned to perform Highway Patrol duties from 1948 to 1951 regardless of the unit to which they were assigned.  [See our History page.]  Associate membership is available for family members of a former or deceased HP member.


At present, the fee to join the Highway Patrol Association remains temporarily suspended. 


The expressed goals of the Association are to reunite friends with friends, to meet yearly, to renew the camaraderie that we once knew, to locate as many former members of the unit as possible, and to provide each other with up-to-date information about comrades.  Along the way, we hope to perhaps make some new friends.


Fees collected covered all necessary administrative costs, supplies, and mailings.  Each new member received a laminated Highway Patrol membership card, a certificate of membership, a unit decal, an updated list of members that have been located, and the right to attend the annual reunion and meeting.  Perhaps even more importantly, membership ensures that the individual's information is currently entered into, and updated as necessary, on our active master databases, thus ensuring that the individual will receive regular correspondence, emails, and news from the Association. 


All funds collected are utilized to offset the operating expenses incurred by the Association.  These include postage, printing, numerous supplies, membership cards, certificates, decals, annual meeting expenses, communications, domain hosting and forwarding, other communications,  and numerous other related expenses.  Individuals serving as officers and representatives of the association are not compensated for their services, time, or duties, and they pay their own expenses.


Click on this Membership Application form to access a printable copy for your use.  For additional information you may contact the Webmaster or Edward F. Smith, president emeritus.




Our Association came into existence through the combined efforts of several individuals.  Robert Smith placed an advertisement in the American Legion Magazine seeking contact with former members of the Highway Patrol.  Several individuals responded and in 1997 Bob and a few others met for the first reunion in Atlantic City, NJ.


In 1998 membership started increasing significantly and in October of that year the second reunion was held in Branson, MO.  During a meeting at this reunion it was decided to formalize the association.  Edward F. “Smitty” Smith was nominated to serve as the administrator (executive officer) of the association.  Ed also was elected as our original president and was re-elected to this position for several consecutive terms thereafter.   He concurrently handled the additional tasks of Editor of the White Mice (our former newsletter), Treasurer - Secretary, and Historian.  This has involved gathering and collecting material, chasing down snippets of information and making contact with various former members, assembling and maintaining a roster of our members, publishing a newsletter, and arranging for many of the organizational meetings.


After six years of handling all of these duties, Ed requested that someone else step forward and accept some of the responsibilities and duties of leadership.  Accordingly, at the 2002 reunion we began electing officers (president and vice president) to serve for two year terms.  The membership made it very clear that they wished for Ed to continue his duties as Editor, Historian, and Treasurer.  The members overwhelming decided to honor Ed by naming him President Emeritus at this meeting.  Ed continues to be the glue that bound our association together as he continued to handle the many daily activities as the Administrator of the Association for an additional four years.

Ed enjoyed a short hiatus from the Fall of 2007 until early Summer 2008 when he resumed his role of Editor, Administrator, Historian, and Treasurer.   All new  membership applications need to be sent to Ed for verification. 


We are a small association (unfortunately growing smaller with each passing year)   Your officers need the help, cooperation, support, and assistance of everyone in order to make our association as viable as it can be.  One important way that we can all help each other is by keeping in touch and by reporting any address changes - especially Email changes.  This way our lines of communication can remain open.  We also need to hear when any of our members are seriously ill, might need assistance, or if someone should hear that one of our former comrades may have passed on.  You may report that information to the webmaster or to Ed.   We will make sure that each other are informed and we certainly thank you for keeping your association informed and up-to-date.



Association  Officers



Eugene "Gene" Klompus


Vice President:

Larry Linville


Unit Historian & President Emeritus:

Edward F. (Smitty) Smith



Larry Linville


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