62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958

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62nd Highway Patrol website

Website for the 62nd Highway Patrol (MP) Company.  Germany 1948-1958

U.S. Army in Europe 1945-1989

From Occupation Army to "Keepers of the Peace".  Walter Elkins, webmaster.  There is a wealth of information on this site.

62nd MP (Highway Patrol) Co.

62nd MP Co. Highway Patrol - section from above website

The White Mice

A good article on the 62nd.  A Promotex online article by Bill Cawthon, July 2004

Highway Patrol Article 1950 EUCOM Public Information Division Report

Film - MP Highway Patrol in Germany

U.S. Army Film FB 256, 1953, PIN 20510.  Employment Of Military Police In Traffic Control Operations On The Autobahn In Germany.   9 minutes. 


Contains HP highlights.  U.S. Army Film FB 287, 1954, PIN 20511.  Depicts the training, duties and responsibilities of the Military Police Corps.  Shows Mp activities.

Kaserne Directory

Installation Directory - Germany.  Past and Present

Theater Military Police School

Located in several different locations in Germany, (Nellingen, near Stuttgart), and Oberammergau. May 1948 until closure in 1961

Army Military Police School

Fort Gordon, GA, and now located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

709th Military Police Battalion 

Some Highway Patrolmen were transferred to the 709th when the HP was deactivated in 1958.

U.S. Army - Europe

Official Homepage of USAREUR Community.  News, features, stories of interest.

United States European Command

EUCOM / NATO information and news.

Stars and Stripes-ePaper

European Digital Edition.  Other area editions available from this link

U.S. Army Homepage

Official homepage of the U.S. Army.

Department of Defense

Numerous Department of Defense links available from this site.

United States Constabulary

U.S. Army Constabulary force.  1946 - 1952, acted as an occupation and security force in the U.S. Occupation Zone of West Germany and Austria.

3rd. Bn./Squadron, 14th AC Regiment - Bad Hersfeld

Northern most patrol area of Fulda Gap border area near where I processed Soviet Military Missions entering FDR from DDR.

14th AC Regiment History

 Cold War era - 1948-1972.

Southern France       >>

The 62nd Military Police Company participated in WW II campaign operations as listed in the Unit's Lineage and Honors (History). 
The Ardennes is in Belgium, Alsace is in France, and a region named the Lorraine is located between them.

Rhineland                 >>

Ardennes-Alsace       >>

Map of occupation zone following WW II

Occupation zone borders and territories regarding former Nazi Germany following WW II.

U.S. Army Center for Military History

Information on individual Medal of Honor awards and other Unit History available from this site.

Arlington National Cemetery

A lot of information, links, historic photos, etc. may be found at this site.

YOUR Military Records

Request Your Military Service Records Online, by Mail, or by Fax

Search Military Records

Military records at Ancestry.com.

HP Autobahn sign

See the old HP Sign  as posted in Wikimedia Commons

Autobahn Page-English version

Deutsch version

German Autobahn - past, present and future.  Listing of all of the autobahn routes.  You may also look at some of the old abandoned roads our units once patrolled.  

The German States

States Lšnder of present day Germany.

The following items were recently located on the internet.
They are included for your information.

62nd HP Brassard.

Scroll slightly more than half way down the page to view this unique brassard.  I have not seen one like it before.  Made in Germany

For Sale - former member Patch

Same patch as above.  Different seller.  4.50 Euro.

HP Crest

Silver rather than gold colored.  Remember some of the troopers wearing these?

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