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Highway Patrol Unit - 62nd MP Co. (HP) - USAREUR


The complete list of members contains the names of all known former members of the 62nd Military Police Highway Patrol Company that was operational in Germany from its reorganization 20 September 1951 until its deactivation on 20 September 1958.  It also includes the names of individuals from other MP units known to have performed official Highway Patrol duties from 1948 until the 62nd HP was activated in 1951.  These individuals came from various MP units or detachments of various MP companies or battalions such as the 285th, 508th, 536th, 709th, 793rd, and others.   They were alternatively and variously known as the "EUCOM Highway Patrol" and as "Post Highway Patrol" units or detachments.  Some of the individuals were later transferred into the 62nd Highway Patrol when the HP unit was officially activated.   See our HISTORY page.  


A wide variety of resources were thoroughly and painstakingly researched before being combined to develop the master database for the Highway Patrol Association which is maintained by the Unit Historian, Administrator, & President Emeritus, Edward F. (Smitty) Smith.  A duplicate database is also maintained and updated by the webmaster.  This was and still continues to be a major undertaking to constantly update all of the information.   Many details were very sketchy and not all names or ranks may have been correctly included on the original documents when first made available; duty stations (detachments) changed, dates assigned were sometimes missing, etcetera.


Perhaps even more troubling and important was the problem of trying to locate a current home or contact address and other pertinent contact  information - and then try to keep this information up-to-date in an ever changing world, especially when we are all aging and facing many life changes in our senior years.  Yet another foremost challenge that has arisen is the crucial task of trying to stay current and up-to-date with address changes and especially E-mail address changes (which seem to occur all too frequently).   Please keep the webmaster informed of these.


Unfortunately, our ranks have thinned out considerably from the original group of Troopers once assigned to the Highway Patrol.  We have a number of confirmed deaths, however, there are many original members that we were never able to make further contact with, or from whom we have heard nothing in years.  The military service numbers that we do have for some of our members have been of little use in this endeavor.  Several genealogists and military historians have provided the webmaster with an educated "guesstimate" that based on national averages, perhaps somewhere between two-thirds (2/3) to four-fifths (4/5) or more, of our group may already be deceased.  Obviously, and unfortunately the status of some of our former comrades is unknown.  Please forward any information that you might have regarding any member listed on any of the member pages to the webmaster so that we may update our information.  It will be greatly appreciated, and will help to memorialize the time and duty of the individual involved.


Many of our original individual members were successfully located.  Many became active and sustaining members.  We have had a number of very successful reunions and annual meetings.  See our REUNION page.  Far too many of our number have completed their last tour of duty on earth.  If you read the reunion page, you will see that we as an Association have had to take a few new steps in recent years to overcome our declining numbers.  A nuclease of individuals are still coming out every year and would greatly love to share memories and fellowship with their comrades and fellow troopers.  We still have fun even though we walk a bit slower.  Please keep in touch, if only through the web site or though other means.  The webmaster does realize that a number of his comrades do NOT use computers or the internet, (and I freely admit that my failing eyesight makes it harder everyday to read the danged thing).


This website listing has been a continuing endeavor to establish and maintain a published and up-to-date listing of ALL former members of the Highway Patrol, and to have it available for future generations of researchers, genealogists, and others that might care.   Transcribing and updating the data to the appropriate lists is an ongoing, albeit sometimes slow process.   Pertinent information and details regarding assignments and dates are provided when known.   The webmaster realizes that some of the information is lacking, and some dates may be incorrect.  An attempt has been made to "flesh-out" the entries with information garnered from various sources.  These include: articles from The White Mice, tidbits from other sources, innuendos, personal recollection of members, and some (very limited) good old fashioned SWAG (scientific wild arsed guessing).   Like the Boy Scouts of old, we have tried to "do our best".


At last "tally" the combined list of all known former members of the Highway Patrol revealed 1072 names.  That includes all ranks and accounts for Highway Patrolmen as well as administrative personnel assigned to the HP.  Our database also contains a few additional names, e.g. several (2) WAC personnel assigned to HQ at Heidelberg.   Those known to be deceased are listed as such.  Unfortunately, far too many of our former comrades are in that category and we have no known information on them other than a name.  Please remember them as they have completed their last patrol after faithfully serving with the 62nd Highway Patrol.   May they forever Rest In Peace.


All names are accessible from this page ~ or ~ from the alphabetized links found at the bottom of the page.  The names on this page are some of our more active and/or supporting members and those from which we have received email addresses.  Others have been in occasional contact with us. 


If you are able to provide any pertinent details about any of the individuals named, or if you can add any additional names to the list, please contact us.   Send corrections, updates and information about those that you know were members of the Highway Patrol to the webmaster.   I will upgrade information on our members as it becomes available.  Your assistance in keeping the information accurate and up-to-date is requested and truly appreciated.  If you can shed any light upon the status of any of these  individuals and help us to solve any of the little mysteries surrounding any of our troopers, please contact me I will make every effort to accurately maintain our records as the information becomes available, and will immediately share all information with our historian and other officers.  Any information regarding the status of new individuals is verified by the association administrator thru the use of various existing records and data.


My master database presently contains only 121 names (and addresses) of possible living members.  Regrettably, as there has not been personal contact from many of those on the list for some time, I am therefore very concerned that the list most likely contains some inaccurate information.  Far too many individuals have not updated their information with us, and others may actually be deceased since we last heard from them.   Utilizing the current information indicates our existing numbers stand at approximately 11.28% of the original total unit strength of 1,072 individuals. 

Note:  Active and sustaining (former dues paying) members, as well as those members attending our annual reunion/business meetings has declined in recent years; perhaps keeping pace with the advancing age of our membership.  This mandated necessary changes in our reunion/meeting policy.  Please see our Reunion page for full details. 


If you were a member of the Highway Patrol and have never joined our organization, please consider doing so.  We are always very happy to hear from you, and would like to be able to be in contact with you to keep you informed about news and activities.  The same is true if you are a relative of a former member.  Please contact us: webmaster.




state date of tour duty station




Sp3 FL 1956-58 Det. B - Seckenheim .


Sgt CA 1951-53 Hq. - Heidelberg & Det. E - Garmisch .

CASEY, James R.

Cpl. AZ 1957-58 Det. C - Augsburg  

CHABOT, Raymond S.

Pfc/Sp4 CT 1955-56 Det. C - Augsburg .

COMPTON, Ronald E.

Sp3 CT 1956-57 Det. B - Karlsruhe  

CONWAY, Michael R.

Pfc MI 1956-58 Det. A - Darmstadt  


Cpl MD 1952 Det. K - Bad Kissingen .

EDER, George D.

Cpl WI 1951-53 Det. K -Bad Kissingen & Würzburg .


Pfc NY 1956-58 Det. C - Stuttgart  

EYRE, Gordon G.

Cpl UT 1957-58 Det. B - Seckenheim .

FUREY, James

Sgt TX 1954-56 Det. D - Vogelweh  


Cpl OR 1956-58 Det. C - Augsburg .

HARP, Ronald A.

Pfc IN 1952 Det. D - Frankfurt .


Sp4 MD 1957-58

Det. A - Darmstadt



Pfc FL 1956-58 Det. D - Vogelweh  & Det. B - Seckenheim .


Cpl FL 1956-58 Det. C - Augsburg & Stuttgart .


Cpl TN 1949-52 Co. A, 508th. MP Bn. - Munich 508th MP Bn.

KATELEY, Richard D.

Sp3 CT 1956-59 Det. B - Seckenheim & Karlsruhe .

KLOMPUS, Eugene R.

Cpl IL 1955-56 Det. C - Augsburg .

KONIECZNY, Gerd  (Fritz)

Pvt CA 1956-58 Det. B - Seckenheim & Karlsruhe .

KROME, Robert A.

Cpl PA 1957-58 Det. C - Augsburg  & Stuttgart .


Cpl FL 1951-53 Det. A - Augsburg & Ulm .






Det. A - Darmstadt

709th - Kassel & Bad Hersfeld


MacDONALD, Rodger A.

Cpl ID 1957-58 Det. C - Stuttgart .

MARINO, A. Michael

Sp4 RI 1957-58 Det. A - Darmstadt  

McCROSKY, Bobby E.

Cpl GA 1956-58 Det. D - Vogelweh  

MORRIS, Robert P.

Cpl PA 1954-56 Det. C - Stuttgart & Nürnberg .


1Lt OH 1951-53 Det. D - Darmstadt, Alsfeld, Hanau, & Frankfurt .


Cpl IN 1958 Det. C - Stuttgart .


Cpl MA 1953-54 Det. C - Augsburg, Stuttgart, & Chiemsee  

PETERS, Robert V.

Cpl WI 1955-57 Det. C - Augsburg .

PLATZER, Robert R.

Pvt CO 1952-55 Det. C - Augsburg, Chiemsee, & Ulm .

RENFREW, Norman C.   "Chet"

Cpl CA


Det. C & I - Stuttgart .

ROTEN, Billy C.


TX 1957-58 Hq., Heidelberg .

SCOTT, William C.

Cpl. FL 1956-58 Det. C - Augsburg & Garmisch  


SSgt, FL 1951-54 Det. C - Augsburg  

SMITH, Edward F.  "Smitty"

Cpl NC  1956-59 Det B - Seckenheim .

WHITE, Walter

Cpl MI 1956 Det. A - Darmstadt  


Cpl SC 1955-58 Det. B - Karlsruhe .


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