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The photographs in the various albums cover the entire period of our units' history.  From the early days of 1948 and the formation of the EUCOM (European Command) Highway Patrol and the provisional HP detachments with patrolmen drawn from the various MP Companies and Battalions that were stationed throughout what was then the European Area of Command; they trace a history of Service, Prevention, and Enforcement that continued for a decade.  On September  20, 1951 the 62nd Military Police Company was reorganized, and then redesignated as the 62nd Military Police HIGHWAY PATROL Company, and allotted to the regular army.  That special mission continued until the unit was deactivated on 20 September 1958.


Some of the pictures depict the various duties related to this particular and unique assignment - one of the very best duties in the Army!  All bring back memories.  Many of these photographs and items are treasured keepsakes and were submitted by various members of the Highway Patrol and/or their surviving family members.  Our historian, Edward Smith maintains possession of the original items and over past years he has shared various pictures and items with us in the various issues of our former Association newsletter, Die Weisse Maus or The White Mice.  A variety of factors which included: Declining active membership; Rising postal costs; A continual significant decrease in news, stories, and articles submitted by members, Coupled with required operational limitations resulted in the elimination of our newsletter and formal gatherings. 


Our ranks continue to thin far too rapidly, with each passing year.  Some Highway Patrol members and I feel that it is very important to continue to tell and show the story of the Highway Patrol's place in history.  No one else has really done so, or is willing to do it for us.  Our HP unit is not remembered nor depicted by today's Military Police Corps, the MP school, or museum.  The attitude of the current hierarchy seems to be that older, former units (some call us antiquated) really have no place in the chronicles of past history, tradition, and service.  Those of us that were there know that is not true.  The 62nd MP Highway Patrol filled a very important niche during our period of active duty.  It was an essential, critical, and viable role that provided crucial support for the U.S. Army in Europe and for all of the many troops, dependents, civilians, and motorists of many nationalities that we served in our daily operations.  The National Archives Museum, on the Mall in Washington, D.C. bears the inscription above its entrance, What Is Past Is Prologue.  That is indeed true regarding the story of our unit.


With each passing year information is lost forever.  Memories fade swiftly.  My hopes were (and are) that the photos and items on our website would provide a place where eventually all photos relating to our unit could be located and identified in order that they could be shared by all that served.  Surviving family members and future generations, as well as those that might be interested in our story might remember our place in history


What is presently being displayed on this site may in reality be only a very small portion of the pictures that are in our archives and in the personal files of some of our surviving members.  I truly hope that you will enjoy what has been gathered and displayed and that they will bring back some fond memories.  Unfortunately, far too many individuals in the photos are still unidentified. 


I apparently was the last individual assigned to duty with the Highway Patrol before the unit was deactivated in 1958.  As such, there are so many of our individual members of the 62nd that preceded me in the unit, as well as those that served in other detachments during my tour that I never got to meet, or to know.  I am unable to provide an identity for many of the pictures that are displayed.  I have searched through every page of each edition of all of the back issues of  Die Weisse Maus looking for additional captions or information.  I have received some information from Smitty and a few others, however, I still need assistance from anyone that can help to identify any of the unnamed or unidentified individuals in any of the photos. 


It was originally thought that some of our members would be able to identify some of the many unidentified photos of individuals and places.  Any needed corrections would also be helpful.  A few photos have captions, however, some of those have been undecipherable.  Even if you can only identify one (or more) individuals in a group photo, please let us hear from you.  Feel free to correct any inaccuracies that you may find.  Approximately half of the images are historical, coming from those "old duty days", while others come from various past reunions of our association.  There are still many gaps that need to be filled in the reunions as well as in the many pictures of our members.  Several hundred photos have been identified by name.  It is hoped that some of the existing troopers out there might be able to add captions to some of the remaining photos.  Additional photos will be included when acquired. 


 It would be ideal to have accurate captions for each picture, and that would certainly provide a better historic legacy for the 62nd Highway Patrol.  Any and all assistance is always truly appreciated.  I will be most happy to provide credit to you on the photos if you wish.  Just let me know.  Should you have any photos, items, or clippings that would be suitable for inclusion on our website please contact me.  Help us to continue sharing our unit with interested parties; letting them know who we were and what we once did.  Please contact me at: HPwebmeister@gmx.com.


The company that provides the space for our  photos to be displayed (without charge) has underwent a number of changes over the years.  The were recently sold to another entity, and once again, the rules changed!  We are now limited to posting a maximum of 1000 photos.  As a result we had to remove  nearly 700 pictures.  To achieve this goal, we have consolidated the 17 previous annual reunion albums into one  (1) album that contains many fewer pictures.  We retained the copies and ALL of the other significant HP photos are still available, located on our on-line photo pages.  Just click on any of the following album links to connect with the album that you wish to view.  Enjoy!


I have tried to eliminate as many duplicate photos as possible, however, a few photos have been used in different albums, if for example, they might be of an individual ~ and ~ then also be used to show a different type of vehicle used by the Highway Patrol.  Every photo in each album has been numbered.  Should you send any information or a correction, please provide the album name and the photo number, i.e.:  HP 2: Unknown - Individuals, Partners, and Small Groups - Unidentified, photo # u 5a.  I await your information, corrections, or ideas.  Thank you.    Larry Linville    HPwebmeister@gmx.com

Click on the following appropriate Album (Blue Underlined Link) that you wish to open.

HP album 1 - photos of Individuals, Partners. and Small Groups.  270 images

HP album 2 - photos of as yet unidentified Individuals, Partners and Small Groups.  192 images


Samples of photos on HP albums 1 & 2:

    Cpl Elden Lee Allen on left. Unidentified patrolman on right, circa 1951. Pfc Charles Chambers & Floyd Bauldoff. Sp/4 Gerald D. Hall, Det. A - Darmstadt, 1958. Eugene Klompus & Richard A. Martinez, Det. C - Augsburg. Cpl Edward Smith &
Gerd (Fritz) Konieczny.
Unknown HP troopers armed with M3A1 submachine guns.

HP album 3 - photos of Larger Groups, Detachments, and Unit Formations.  44 images


Samples of photos on HP album 3:    Can you provide any information about any of the photos in the album?


793rd. MP (HP) Nürnberg
 Military Post, circa 1948-49

Nurnberg HP Formation Det. A - Darmstadt, June 53 Det. B - Seckenheim  Det. I - Stuttgart, 1954   unknown

HP Album 4 - photos of HP vehicles (also accidents & incidents investigated).  115 images


Samples of photos on HP album 4:

    Det. H, HP 5, circa 1951 M 38 Jeep HP 35, Det. I - Stuttgart Chevrolet,  HP 85 55 Ford,  HP 1  1957 Chevrolet, HP 9

HP Album 5 - photos of Places, Events, and Activities in HP History.  109 images


Samples of photos on Album HP 5:

    Det. A - Darmstadt Station, circa 1955-56  Herleshausen, East-West German border.  Soviet Military Mission vehicle checkpoint, circa 1958 Dolan Barracks, Schwaebisch
 Sub Post,  Det. I
Oasis Service Stop
 early 1950s 
Honey Wagon  Military Script - 10 cents

 Insignia of the Highway Patrol


HP Unit Crest

Note: These insignia were also available in a silver or nickel plate finish (not pictured). These unauthorized versions were sold by some German vendors as they were shinier and
did not need polishing.  Many of the troopers felt they looked much better, thus many were worn by a variety of ranks.

HP  Brassard

 Original  Issue.
Worn from 20 Sept 1951 to 19 Dec 1954.

HP  Emblem

Worn on shoulder brassards and displayed as main emblem on all
HP vehicles.


HP  Brassard

 New Issue Style.
Worn from 20 Dec 54 to 20 Sept 58.  Note: Not all of the later members assigned to the HP were issued these coveted brassards. (Note later era photos.) The "word" was that some savvy supply folks and command personnel  managed to acquire or "commandeer" all existing supplies for their own collections or personal use.  Like others, I wish that I had been one of the "lucky" individuals to be issued the white HP brassard!


 Shoulder patch for the U.S. Army in Europe Command. 
Referred to by some as the
"Flaming Sword". patch.


HP Album 6 - Documents, Articles, and Clippings related to HP activities.  77 images


Samples of items on Album HP 6:

    Highway Patrolman Aid Motorists; Work to Curb Accidents / Fatalities. Cooperation: German Police & Highway Patrolmen plan activities. Highway Patrol Assistance/Courtesy Card. HP assisting motorists in time of need. Alpha Tango Tango.
Yet another gasoline supply run.
Life along the fast lane.
Always something to do or check.



HP Album 7 - Reunions.

706 photos






Active Link - Click to view.   MP HIGHWAY PATROL IN GERMANY U.S. Army Film FB 256.  Department of Defense, 1953 - PIN 20510 - Employment Of Military Police In Traffic Control Operations On The Autobahn In Germany.   9 minutes.  YouTube.

Active Link - Click to view.   THE MP STORY.  Shows HP highlights.  U.S. Army Film FB 287.  Department of Defense, 1954 - PIN 20511 - Depicts The Training, Duties, And Responsibilities Of The Military Police Corps.  Shows Mp Activities In Germany and Korea.  33 minutes.  YouTube.


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