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by Harry Wallace, CMSGT [Ret]




I write this in hopes that it will elicit a chuckle, especially from those of you who served as officers in the past.  


While in the US Army Military Police, it was always my habit to polish all of my brass, shine my boots and clean my leggings [yes leggings], and upon completion, hang my clean Class A uniform with all of it's fixings on my wall locker while I went to take a shower.


Guard mount in those days consisted of standing at attention in front of your assigned jeep, with your .45 at an inspection posture in your right hand, and the magazine in the palm of your left hand.  I thought that I was looking excellent until the Inspecting Officer asked me why I was posing as a half second lieutenant???


Evidently, one of my friends had sneaked into my room and placed a second lieutenant's bar on one of my epaulets; there I was, the joke of the day.  By not paying attention, I had my next three-day pass revoked.  


After that day, I paid very close attention to my uniform, and my room was always closed when I left it.  Ironically, the officer that caught that error is now one of my best friends; we regularly correspond on a monthly basis.



This story previously appeared in Volume # 2, Issue # 3, August 1999 of  "THE WHITE MICE"


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