62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958


Stories of the Highway Patrol




by Norm Hoewischer




On a very boring winter evening in 1957, while on duty as the Desk Sgt for the Hwy Patrol Station in Vogelweh, I was listening to the Kaiserslautern MP Desk Sgt (Jernagin) raising cane with some of his troops over the radio. 


He and I had been talking back and forth over the station-to-station intercom and I remembered a joke I had read about in Readers Digest.  After a while, I called Sgt Jernigan on the phone, disguised my voice and sounding drunk I told him that I wanted to report a theft.  He took down all of my personal data and asked what was stolen.  In my best “drunk put on,” I said my steering wheel, my dashboard, my clutch pedal, and my brake pedal.  He asked where I was and I named a bar on the outskirts of town, he ordered me to stand-by there, not to move one inch and he would have someone enroute to me right away.  I heard him dispatch three patrols, waited a few minutes, and called him back.  Again, in my put on drunken skit, I hollered into the phone, " Hey Sarge, you don’t have to send anybody, I got in the back seat by mistake.”  I hung up the phone.  Jernigan got on the radio with his people and advised them that he wanted that man standing in front of his desk before the night was over.  


I never told Jernigan that it was me; I had some fear as to what harm he might do to my body.  


This story previously appeared in Volume # 3, Issue # 1, March 2000 of  "THE WHITE MICE"


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