62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958


Stories of the Highway Patrol




by Larry Linville




Every month or so, the duty station would receive a late night or early morning phone call.  A code would have to be authenticated by the duty NCO or desk sergeant, then “Alert” orders were passed down the line.  All off duty personnel were awakened, individuals living off post “on the economy” were called in to duty.  Field clothing was hastily pulled on and pre-packed field bags and equipment were inserted into our readied vehicles.


The deep-throated roar of powerful engines roused the German families living near the kasernes early.  The trucks, tanks, tracked vehicles, and other implements of the local battalions, squadrons, companies, and units were executing an alert exercise to sharpen their deployment readiness.  While the local neighbors may not have been particularly happy to be awakened so early (neither were the troops), and while the rumble of the armored vehicles might not be a particularly aesthetic sound, it could be described as a SOUND of READINESS or perhaps a SOUND of FREEDOM.  It was one of the reasons why an attack from the East never came - a reason why many Europeans continue to live in freedom today.




This story previously appeared in Volume #, Issue # , of  "THE WHITE MICE"



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