62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958

Stories of the Highway Patrol



by Cordy L. Winburn Jr.






On March 14, 1958, Captain Carrol P. Land, the Commanding Officer of Detachment “B”, 62nd. Military Police (Highway Patrol), departed from Kieselweg 38 with 2 very important people.   Sitting in the rear seat of his vehicle were Cpl. Cordy L. Winburn, Jr. and his future bride, Walburga Steger of Durlach/Aue, Germany.   The Captain was “chaffeuring” them in HP Patrol # 1 to the church on West Markt Strasse in Dulach/Aue for their wedding.

  The event took place with Pfarrer Shultz, pastor of Evangelische Kirche, presiding. Following the service, Captain Land, drove the new bride and groom back to 38 Kieselweg where the party began. Some of the Karlsruhe HP members present were: Capt. Land, Sgt. Johnson, Sgt. McKinley, SP-3 Tise, SP-3 Katley, PFC Olsen, PFC Foster, SP-3 Konieczny and, Pvt. Dickerson.  SP-3 Nimitz was unable to attend due to his work schedule.   Several hundred uninvited townspeople also showed up to view the festivities and out of curiosity.



The brides’ family members that were present present included her father Otto Steger, mother Luise, brother Walter, sisters Ute, Karin, Silvia, and Ruth. Many friends and relatives were present to join in the celebration.  To help move things along the brides’father brought a forty gallon barrel of homemade wine from out of his basement.  Cordy still has the barrel in his home in Hartsville,  Unfortunately it has long been empty!



Cordy and “Valle” have now been married for fifty-four years.  They had two sons, Richard and Ralph.  Richard lives in Hartsville near his parents. Ralph was killed in auto accident in Dec. 2002. They have three grandchildren and one great grand child that keep them busy.  After twenty years in the Army as a Military Policeman,  Cordy retired but continued continued in law enforcement for eighteen more years as a law enfocement officver and a security specialist.  He finally retired again in 1998.  Valle refuses to retire and is still on the job as a full time homemaker.  They are active in their church, they enjoy the HP reunions.  Cordy enjopys fishing and restoring his classic cars .  Cordy is likely the only so;dier ever driven to his wedding by his commanding officer using Highway Patrol car #1 for a limousine.  That's his story and he is sticking to it!




This story previously appeared in Volume # 8, Issue # 5, Sep-Oct 2005; &
volume 15, issue 2, Apr-May-Jun 2011


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