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Signal 23 * 

by Monte R. DeVere






The following was written by Sgt. Monte R. DeVere sometime in 1957 while stationed at Detachment "C" [Augsburg].  Sgt. DeVere is now deceased as the result of action in Viet Nam.




Signal 23  *1   By Monte R. DeVere



It was down in the HP Office,

And Business was Signal five.  *2

The Desk Sgt. sat with his feet

Propped up, while the radio

jumped with jive.

The patrols were all on standby,

having finished their routine chores;

They had halted their war on the

highways, and were waging a battle

of snores.  When from the direction

of Munich, Seven Charley   *3

roared out of the night;

With a foot made heavy by whiskey,

and a head made dreadfully light.

It happened at Dasing cut-off;

Old Hermann was flying low;

When the law of the fourth dimension,

Said somebody had to go.

You'll find the rest in the records,

The crash was heard from afar;

There wasn't a thing left of Hermann,

and darned little left of his car.

Then a wake was held for 'Seven Charley'

He was sent on his way with a prayer;

And we wished we could send him his

whiskey, Cause he's going to get thirst

down there.



*1   MP Code for an accident.

    *2   MP Code for out of service.

*3   American owned vehicle






Edward Smith attended a traffic school in Oberamagau with Sgt. DeVere in 1957. and Ed submitted this poem.  Ed also added that another of Monte's favorite sayings was; "If you drink and drive, Make sure that you take the car with you. If you have a story, or photo that you would like to see in the next news letter please send it in. you."



This piece previously appeared in the October 1998 [inaugural] issue of The White Mice.

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