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Stories of the Highway Patrol


Six Feet Deep

 by Edward F. Smith






One Saturday afternoon I received a radio call informing me that there was an accident on the Karlsruhe Autobahn near Patrick Henry Village.  I proceeded to the location I was given [don't remember the kilometer stone] and made several passes on the North and South bound lanes, there was no accident that I could see.  I informed the desk via radio that there was no accident and that perhaps if there had been one, they left the scene.  I continued routine patrol.


I didn't have long to wait until I received the second call concerning the accident.  I returned to the area, once again I found no accident.  This time I was a little more attentive of the surroundings.  There was a construction site in the area.  A new bridge was being built across the Autobahn and a large pit had been dug in the median for a bridge support.  There were no barriers around this pit.  I could see no tire marks or anything that would lead me to think that there was a car in the pit.  Just to make sure I decided to make a visual check.  To my amazement there was what appeared to be a 1955 Chevrolet setting up right at the bottom of the pit.  It was a close fit and gave the impression that the pit was dug as a grave especially for the vehicle.


As I recall there were no injuries [other than pride].  I am not sure just how the driver got out of the vehicle, it was a tight fit.  A large military wrecker was used in removing the vehicle from the hole.  As I remember it, there was more damage caused to the vehicle during the extraction then by the accident itself.


This story previously appeared in Volume # 3, Issue # 4,Aug - Se, 2000 of "THE WHITE MICE".


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