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 Ted C. Moore





I served with Detachment ďA" located in Darmstadt from May 1953 until January 1955. I am very proud of the time that I spent with the 62nd and I will always cherish the friendship with those with whom I served.


Although traffic accidents consumed a lot of our time, there were other moments when you were assisting people who for one reason or another were sometime stranded on the autobahn. I remember on one such occasion that we assisted a family from Switzerland who had run out of gas. To show their gratitude they tried to give us some Swiss chocolate. I remember telling them that we were not allowed to take any payment or accept any gifts for what we had done. Upon returning to the station, I discovered that the Swiss family had stopped at the station and left the chocolate with the Desk Sergeant. I remember investigating four traffic accidents involving death and to many to count fender benders. I remember the dense fog that was the cause of a lot of traffic accidents and also made our duty hazardous.


I remember operation YO-YO which involved escorting the Soviet Military Mission vehicles across our sector. I also remember escorting Rev. Billy Graham from Rhein-Main Air Force Base to downtown Frankfurt for a revival meeting. I also remember being dispatched to Rhein-Main Air Force Base to pick-up a prisoner, a soldier, who had defected to East Germany. We transported the soldier to the stockade located in Mannheim.







This story previously appeared in Volume # 11, Issue # 2, April-May-June 2008 edition of "The White Mice"


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