62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958

Stories of the Highway Patrol


Accidents and Kids

by Gordon G. Eyre 






Each of us in the 62nd  have covered many terrible accidents during our stay in Germany.  Working out of the Karlsruhe station, l was dispatched to a single vehicle accident with several injuries.  The accident occurred well oft-the autobahn on a two lane road that was out of radio contact with the Seckenheim station.


When I arrived on the accident scene, l noticed a 2 ton truck on its side and numerous young children lying about the accident scene.  It was a terrible sight and l tried in vain to radio for help but could not reach Seckenheim.  Shortly thereafter l was able to raise another HP vehicle who relayed the information and had ambulances dispatched.


l assisted as many of the injured as l could and gave comfort and kind words to those that needed it the worst.  The first ambulance on the scene was a welcome sight to all of us.  The children were dependents from a nearby base who had been on an outing.


Of all the accidents that I covered, this was one that has stayed with me the longest.  There is something about children getting injured, or killed that seems so difficult for all of us to accept.


l was grateful for the service that l was able to render while stationed with the 62nd. It was the best assignment that I had during my ten year career with the military.



This story previously appeared in Volume # 2, Issue # 5, December 1999 of "THE WHITE MICE"


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