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    by Edward F. Smith






While working out of the Seckenheim station early one Sunday morning, I remember getting a report of a traffic accident on the Southbound lane of the Karlsruhe Autobahn [just South of Patrick Henry Village].  Arriving on the scene, I quickly noticed that the accident was off the road on the Northbound side of the Autobahn.  With a quick scan of the area I realized that the vehicle had been going South, crossed the opposing lane of traffic [without hitting another vehicle], ran off the road and overturned in an open field.


The vehicle contained three [3] Air Force Captains all very much intoxicated.  The two passengers received only minor injuries, the driver was not so lucky.  He was found with the broken neck of a Vodka bottle protruding from his mouth and throat.  He had apparently been in the process of having a drink when he ran off the road at a high rate of speed and overturned.  All three were transported to the I 30th Station Hospital in Heidelberg.  I later learned that the driver had been placed on a medical flight back to the States, never knew if he made it or not.


This also brings to mind a quote from one of our colleagues [Sgt. Monte R. DeVere] who at the time was stationed with detachment "C" at Augsburg.  Sgt. DeVere was heard more than once saying" If you are going to drink and drive, make sure that you take the car with you!"  I don't know if the Captains had ever come in contact with Sgt. DeVere but, the shoe seems to fit.  I had the pleasure of attending Traffic School at Oberammergau for three weeks with Sgt. DeVere in 1957.



This story previously appeared in Volume # 3, Issue # 2, April-May 2000 of "THE WHITE MICE"


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