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 Germany      1948 - 1958

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Northern area command (HP Unit)
 aids MUNICH flood area.

Published in Unknown European Newspaper, circa mid '50's.





Highway MP's Send Troops to Munich


Nine cars and eighteen men of Detachment A, 62nd MP Highway  Patrol, stood by at Munich Highway Patrol Station last weekend, ready to assist Munich MP's in the evacuation of civilians and the control of traffic as Europe's worst flood of the century left 50,000 homeless.


The 62nd attached to the Northern Area Command, was one of several Army units called on to help during the disaster.  The men returned to their own unit at Darmstadt on Sunday night, when it became evident that the worst of the dangers was over.


The 62ndís Detachment A is under the supervision of Col. Arthur L. Selby, NAC Provost Marshal, and Detachment Commander 1st Lt. Troy W. Scearce.


High waters which left 50,000 people homeless in Austria and Germany, and threatened disaster as far North as Munich turned the Danube, Molday, Isar, and other southern rivers and streams into muddy torrents against which thousands of rescue workers including hundreds of American troops battled for days.



This story previously appeared in Volume # 2, Issue # 5, December 1999


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