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Mohl StrasseR, Munich

by Harry C. Wallace, CMSGT [ret]






It was spring in the year of 1949,1 was assigned to Company C of the 508th MP Bn. located in Munich, Germany. Itís a day that will remain in my mind forever. I was on patrol on Mohl Strasser when all of a sudden all hell broke loose. It was a riot which soon blocked my exit from the area.


Unknown to me and the military police, the German police had mounted a large contingent of police which included police mounted on horses. They had quickly cordoned off the area around Mohl Str. Without notifying us. For the next 6-8 hours it was a terrible place to be. The German police had started to round up all of the Jews in the area. Mohl Str. At the time was a big black market area and this was the reason I assume for their actions. I never saw so much violence inflicted on helpless people.


There were lots of people who came to me for first aid, they had been beaten so much and there was no other place for them to go for aid. I well remember sitting on top of my jeep describing the situation as it unfolded to the desk sergeant. This continued for 6-8 hours and when I finally got relieved and guess who got the credit for all the hard work, the guy who relieved me.


I have been to Munich several times since that horrific day. I will always remember how brutal the Munich police were to the people that day on Mohl Strasser. It showed me how much hate that the Germans had toward the Jews and this was four years after the war had ended.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 4, Issue # 5, Nov-Dec 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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