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A Small Cloud On A Sunny Day

by Wayne Leviska





Sometime in 1952-1953, I was patrolling along the Autobahn.  It was a beautiful day, nothing but blue sky- not a cloud, sunny and about 80 degrees, when I came upon a motor scooter lying on the edge of the highway.


There were two women talking, one was standing and the other was lying on the ground.  As I was approaching them, I felt that there was something wrong, they weren't just resting, as it turned out they had hit an oil slick on the road and lost control of the scooter.  One woman had broken her leg, the other was okay.


After providing the injured woman with a blanket, I called the station and requested a German ambulance to KM Stone 136.  Upon returning with a splint kit from the car to stabilize her leg, it started to rain, all three of us got completely drenched.  When I returned to the patrol car there was not a drop of rain, only sunshine. I looked up into the sky and saw one little cloud, really high.  The rain had fallen in a radius of about 15 feet, right where we were standing.


After the ambulance had picked up the injured woman, I went back to the Ulm Patrol Station to change my uniform.  As I walked past the Desk Sergeant, he said "what did you do, fall in a river?"  He had only seen sunshine and blue sky all day.  He didn't want to believe that I had gotten soaked in a little 15 foot rain shower.  So, you never knew what to expect at any given time while patrolling the autobahn.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 4, Issue # 5, Sept-Oct 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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