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Mercedes With A Jerk


by Edward F. Smith






Late in 1956, or early 1957, I had just left the Seckenheim Station traveling in the direction of Heidelberg. It was a nice clear day and traffic seemed to be a bit slower than usual. I was only a couple of kilometers from the station when I saw a very good looking German lady standing on the side of the autobahn looking at the front of her brand new Mercedes. She appeared to be having some kind of trouble. I turned on my lights and pulled in behind the Mercedes. As I approached, I ask if I could be of some help.


The lady looking very upset started to explain that there was something wrong with her new car.


The lady went on to explain that while driving on the autobahn the car would jerk to the right or left and that she did not understand why, after all it was a brand new Mercedes.


I proceeded to make a quick check under the front of the vehicle to assure myself that there was nothing wrong. I then proceeded to explain to the lady that there is a crack in the middle of the autobahn where the cement joins. I further explained that the cement was uneven [one side being higher than the other], and that she was driving with one wheel on this uneven crack and when the wheel run off this crack it would cause the vehicle to jerk. I told her that she needed to drive a little more to the right and not on the center line of the road. The lady expressed concern about there being enough room, I assured her that there was plenty of room and pavement, and that she should drive a little more to the right of the center line.


The lady seemed convinced and expressed her appreciation. I told her that I would follow her for a while just to make sure there was nothing else wrong. As I passed her several kilometers down the road, she smiled and waved and gave me the okay sign.




This story previously appeared in Volume #4, Issue # 5, Sept-Oct 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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