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Memories Of The Highway Patrol

by  Gerald D. Hall






Of course traffic accidents are nothing new to the 62nd.  It seems like there was never a day that went by without one. The following account are just two of which stand out in my mind.


It was the first day of September 1957, [don't recall the time of day] when a radio call came in of an accident at Kilometer stone 536 on Autobahn A-6 between Mannheim and Darmstadt.  Only two vehicles involved, one being a Mercedes and the other an Opel.


The. Opel being driven by a US serviceman, the vehicle also contained eight German civilians.  The operator of the Opel, while traveling South became blinded [as stated by the driver] from the oncoming headlights of the North bound lane of traffic.  The operator of the Opel somehow lost control of the vehicle and proceeded through the median strip and into the path of the Mercedes being operated by a German civilian with three other passengers.  While crossing the median, the Opel spun around and was facing North when struck in the rear by the Mercedes







The gas tank of the Opel apparently ruptured at the time of impact and burst into flames.  The accident claimed the lives of eight persons, two were injured seriously, two with minor injuries and the US Serviceman only had minor scrapes and bruises.  It was a gruesome sight to see as you can tell by the pictures.







Both vehicles were taken to the Darmstadt Highway Patrol station and covered with a tarp.  Some of the bodies of the deceased were not removed until the next day.



On May 31st ,1958 my partner Michael Conway and I received a call via radio that there was an accident at Kilometer Stone 556.5 on Autobahn A-6 between Mannheim and Darmstadt.  Arriving on the scene we quickly observed that the accident consisted of a German Bus and an automobile.


Investigation revealed that there were two American soldiers in the automobile.  The vehicle had apparently been stolen and both had been drinking.  Both were AWOL and had forged leave papers in their possession.  They had managed somehow to come up on the wrong side of the Autobahn when struck by the bus.  Both of the soldiers died instantly.  The soldier on the passenger side was found with the gearshift in his skull, it had entered just behind his left eye.  There was also one German civilian on the bus who died, the bus driver sustained serious injuries.



                          Sp3 Gerald Hall and an unknown MP from Mannheim.                                                             Not a lot left of this one.


This story previously appeared in Volume # 4, Issue # 4, July-August 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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