62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958

Stories of the Highway Patrol



by Randall J. Grant





In June of 1947, prior to being assigned to Highway Patrol duties, I was a member of Company A, 508th Military Police Battalion.  At the time we were stationed in Panzer Kasern in Munich, Germany.  One day while off duty and in fatigues, I was sitting around the barracks polishing my boots. All of a sudden a call came over the squawk box "All off-duty personnel report to the armory now with helmet liner!"  Upon arriving at the armory, a Sergeant handed me an M-l Rifle with a bayonet and scabbard attached.  We were then ordered to report to the parade ground on the double.


Arriving at the parade ground I was instructed to get on any vehicle having room.  A Sergeant that I had driven for on patrol said, "room for two" on a 6 X 6 [2 1/2 ton truck].  I along with another member of the unit quickly hopped on and we were off in the direction of downtown Munich.  Prior to arriving, we were informed that there was a riot on the main street.  We were there in no time at all.  A Captain on the scene ordered us out of the truck and told us to form a "flying wedge".  I had never heard of the flying wedge so I ask, what in the hell is a flying wedge?  Someone said stick with me as he fell in behind the man in front of him, two feet to the right and two feet to the rear.  I quickly did likewise.  The Captain then ordered us to move slowly forward and to unsheath our bayonets which were already attached to the rifle.


As we came closer to the crowed, they begin to move slowly away.  There was a young lad on a bicycle that was a little slow in moving, I yelled raus [wanting him to move] while pretending to try and slash his rear tire, he took off like a bat out of hell.  As it turned out, the rioters were college students who felt they were not getting enough proper food to eat.  Everything ended peacefully without anyone being injured.  As we returned to the Kasern I thought to myself, this is one experience that I will never forget



This story previously appeared in Volume # 4, Issue # 4, July-August 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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