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Memories Of The Highway Patrol


by  Rodger MacDonald




In the fall of 1957, Robert Krome and I were investigating an accident on autobahn A-6-W somewhere between Stuttgart and Ulm.  The weather was exceptionally cold for this time of the year.  I managed to keep the car warm most of the time while Robert remained near the wrecked vehicle waiting for the wrecker to arrive.   In the background of the one picture you can see one of the old 1954 Fords.  This was a hold over, all of our other vehicles were 1957 Chevrolets.





Robert even looks cold, his teeth are chattering.             



It was also in Germany that I met and married my wonderful wife Siegrid, our first child Michaela was also born in Germany.  Germany was the place to be and the 62nd was the unit to be assigned to.  I have never enjoyed anything as much as when I was patrolling the autobahn with my friends and fellow officers.


In January of 1960, we left Germany and the Army.  I became a police officer and [was] promoted to the rank of Sgt., Det., Lt., Capt. and Chief before retiring from the department.  I found that the retired life was a bit boring and signed on as the Chief of Security at the local College where I continued in the law enforcement field until my retirement in January of this year [2001].




This story previously appeared in Volume #43, Issue # 3, May-June 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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