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I Remember the Highway Patrol


 by  Cpl. Robert A. Krome




In January of 1957, I arrived in Germany and was assigned to the 62nd Highway Patrol.  I arrived in Heidelberg for processing and assignment to Detachment "C" at Augsburg, later transferred to the Stuttgart station at Echterdingen.  I remained at this location until the 62nd deactivated on September 20, 1958.


I remember being trained for duty and procedures by a Cpl. Yates.  Yates and I stopped for lunch one day in the Snack Bar in Munich.  While eating, a school teacher [on vacation] walked into the Snack Bar.  As I jumped up from the table to say hello, I knocked over a cup of coffee which spilled onto Yates staining his uniform.  Yates wasn't too happy with me at the time but, he soon forgave me and we continued on patrol.


After receiving the long list of names from our association, a quick review brought back a lot of fond memories.  Sfc Rode, Gustafson [with whom I investigated my first fatal accident].  I remember that Burford and I went to the World’s Fair together.  Others that I remember are Ashley, Dirga, Elmstrom, Crispin, Filippi, Neiswinger, MacDonald, Hoffman and Cook.  I have kept in contact with some of these fellows and see a few now and then.  Neiswinger and Hofman were at the last reunion in Northern Kentucky.  There were a lot of laughs going down memory lane.


When the Highway Patrol was deactivated in September of 1958, I was reassigned to the 793rd MP Bn. in Heilbronn.  This is where I met my wife Vera.  Vera and I have been married for 41 years.  We have two sons who are both married.  We also have three wonderful grandchildren.


After nearly 38 years in law enforcement, I am now retired.  In 1980, I became Chief of Police in our community.  I initiated rules, regulations and procedures which I learned while serving with the 62nd Highway Patrol.  The one sure thing that I kept out of patrol vehicles was the Tach-O-Graph.  I think that the Tach-O-Graph was one of the worst pieces of equipment for the Highway Patrol.  Of course the guys quickly found a way to beat it.


If you have not attended one of the reunions, you just don't know what you are missing, please try and go if you can.  We have all changed a little from that military look to a little flabby, our hair has turned to gray, or to baldness.  We do less drinking and our memory is not quite so good as it used to be.  Other than that, we all have a great time telling our tales and adding to it when we think it necessary.  We have lots of laughs and meet a lot of guys you never knew existed, we also make new friends.  The wives, girlfriends, or companions really enjoy themselves, it's like a family get together.


Vera and I have attended the last two reunions [Las Vegas and Northern Kentucky], we are looking forward to attending this year’s reunion at Rapid City in September.  Vera and I are not much for flying but, it's well worth it to see your buddies with whom you once served and to once again see all the new friends we have made.  Vera and I would like to thank those who started the association [Ed Tieche and Robert Smith] and especially Ed [Smitty] Smith for all the hard work in putting these reunions together and for all the work that goes into the association newsletters.


Now go look at yourself in the mirror and say "Dam-it", I am going to the next reunion in September 2001.  For all of you who are unable to attend the reunion, please keep in touch with the association, let us know how you are doing.


God bless all of you!


This story previously appeared in Volume # 4, Issue # 3, May-June 2001 edition of "The White Mice"


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