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N'rbg Starts Highway Patrol;

 Patterned After Jersey Police


This article appeared in the Nurnburg Post newspaper on Friday, December 10, 1948.





Generals Maglin & Parker Arrive at Nurnburg Army Airfield for a tour


NURNBURG--- Capt. Patrick St. John was busy last week training handpicked men who form Nurnburg Military Post first Highway Patrol.


Their equipment includes sedans, jeeps, and motorcycles painted white, with distinctive band of green all around---and the letters "MP" in a green triangle on each side.  The cars and jeeps will be equipped with two-way radio.  Personnel will wear a white arm band with triangle and letters "MP" in green.


Like N. J. Patrol


The patrol -- patterned after New Jersey's famed State Police -- is operating directly under the jurisdiction of the Provost Marshal, Lt. Col. Robert R. Reed.


The primary duty is to provide law enforcement in rural areas and places not now covered by regular law enforcement personnel. In addition to nabbing law breakers, they will be equipped and instructed to render aid to people in distress. Spare gasoline, first aid equipment, etc. will be carried, and the two-way radio will summon aid in more difficult cases.


Men hand Picked


Capt. St. John will maintain his headquarters with one detachment at the Provost Marshal's office in Nurnburg; other detachments will be in Bayreuth and Illesheim.


To qualify for this handpicked group, men must be S ft. 10 inches and more tall, have an AGCT score of 100 or more, and a clear record. A week of special instruction for the group terminated Sat. Dec. 4 with an inspection by Lt. Col. Reed. The men were all selected from the 793rd MP Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. L. J. Burbridge.


Instructions given by Lt. Col. Robert R. Reed, Provost Marshal

 Nurnburg Military Post to first group of patrolmen upon activation.

 [793 MP (HP).Nurnburg Military Post circa 1948-9]



Planned By General

Brigadier-General H. Norman Schwarzkoph formerly Supt. of the New Jersey State Police and now Ast. Provost-Marshal of EUCOM has planned the Post Highway Patrol on a zone wide basis to patrol areas formerly covered by U. S. Constabulary.




This article appeared in the Nurnburg Post newspaper on Friday, December 10, 1948. The photograph was not a part of the article and has




This story previously appeared in Volume # 5, Issue # 3, May-June 2002 edition of "The White Mice"


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