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This article appeared in The Chronicle, April 10, 1953.  This was a weekly
publication for the Frankfurt District, Northern Area Command.

submitted by  Marvin A. Paris





Alertness on the part of two members of the 62nd Highway Patrol, Frankfurt, resulted in the recovery of a stolen auto and the apprehension of four suspects in Ruesselsheim last Friday night, approximately six hours after the robbery occurred. The two patrolmen, Cpl. Dwight H. Schaller and Pfc Marvin A. Paris, were on routine patrol when they saw the automobile parked outside a house on Wald Strasse. On checking, they found two German girls sitting in the vehicle. Questioned, they both stated that two friends of theirs in a nearby gasthaus could give them more information.


At the gasthaus, the patrolmen apprehended Walter Heiter and Alfred Dellermann. Neither had registration papers or car keys, and stated that a friend, Willi Hoff, had borrowed the vehicle from an American woman and that the vehicle was out of gas. Hoff, they stated had gone to a filling station to buy gas.


German police checked every gas station in town and Hoff's house, but were unable to find him.   The patrolmen returned to the German police station with all four suspects.


Thirty minutes later, Hoff entered the police station and turned himself in. On being questioned, he stated that he had been loaned the car by an American woman named Hazel or Peggy Brown, a resident of the Rose Hotel in Wiesbaden.


The patrolmen relayed the information to the Darmstadt desk sergeant who checked with the desk clerk at the Rose Hotel. A check was also made with the Wiesbaden Air Police who revealed that the car had been stolen that afternoon from in front of the Wiesbaden PX.



This article appeared in "The Chronicle" on April 10, 1953. The Chronicle is a weekly newspaper, Frankfurt District, Northern Area  Command.  Article submitted by Marvin A. Paris



This story previously appeared in Volume # 5, Issue # 3, May-June 2002 edition of "The White Mice"


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