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 Germany      1948 - 1958

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by  Eugene R. "Gene" Klompus




Eugene "Gene" R. Klompus, Det. C - Augsburg



On my first day of duty as one of the newest Highway Patrolman and working out of Detachment C at Augsburg, I was in a very rural location somewhere in my patrol area when I observed a US soldier hitchhiking. After stopping to give the soldier a ride, I called the Desk Sergeant to let him know that I had picked up this soldier and was going to give him transportation to his outfit.



Sgt. Bill Stefankiewicz was the Desk Sergeant, he quickly informed me [via radio signal 10 series] that a robbery had just been committed in the area and that the soldier whom I had in the vehicle was probably the culprit, he instructed me to return to Headquarters immediately with the soldier. This was all done in code so as not to arouse the suspicions of the hitchhikers.



Sgt. William Stefankiewicz, Det. C - Augsburg



Arriving at headquarters, I directed the hitchhiker to accompany me inside. He was then questioned about the robbery and soon admitted his guilt.


As it turned out, Sgt. Stefankiewicz hunch was correct. I do not remember the soldier's name, or the facts surrounding the robbery.  But I do know that it was an exciting first day.



This story previously appeared in Volume # 5, Issue # 5, September-October 2002 edition of "The White Mice"


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