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Stories of the Highway Patrol




by Gerald Hall





Late in the evening of September 6, 1957, Pfc. Amizie B. Ward and I were on duty when we were notified via radio of a traffic accident at Kilometer Stone 559. The accident occurred at approximately 2230 hours on Autobahn A-6 [Frankfurt-Mannheim].


Arriving at the scene we quickly learned that the accident involved a fatality, a USA 7-C plate vehicle and a large German truck. A German female, passenger in the of the 7-C plate vehicle was laying in the grass nude when we arrived. An Army Sergeant who had been the operator of the 7 -C vehicle was seriously injured-and had been transported to the 130th Station Hospital located in Heidelberg. Pfc. Ward retrieved a blanket from the trunk of the patrol car and covered the body of the nude German female. The German Police report later indicated that the German female had died as the result of a broken neck.


Investigation revealed that that the Army Sergeant had been traveling North on the Autobahn and had either stopped, or was driving at a very slow speed in the driving lane. The German truck struck the car in the rear with both vehicles going through a hedge row which ran along side of the Autobahn, down an embankment where both vehicles turned over on their side.





I donít recall exactly what the Army Sergeant had said in his statement the next morning when Pfc. Ward and Interviewed him at the hospital.  I also do not recall just how serious his injuries were.   The accident report was completed and sent to the Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation because of the German female. 



Both Ward and Hall were members of Detachment A and working out of Darmstadt at the time.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 6, Issue # 3, May-June 2003 edition of "The White Mice"


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