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Another Missed Exit

by  Gerald Hall





One night while on routine patrol of the Darmstadt - Frankfurt autobahn, my partner [whose name I don't recall] and I received a call of an accident on the East-West autobahn just North of Rhein-Main Air Force Base. Upon arrival we discovered the accident involved a German truck with trailer and pulling a piggy-back trailer and two passenger vehicles, each of which struck a trailer.


Investigation revealed that the German operator of the truck had missed the exit and was attempting to use the wrong exit ramp. In his attempt to do this an air brake hose burst causing the brakes to lock. The tractor with multiple trailers came to a stop blocking both lanes of traffic. The two passenger vehicle struck the trailers at about the same time.


One of the two passenger vehicles [a station-wagon] was being driven by a member of the 709th Military Police [assigned to the Frankfurt area]. In the passenger seat was his German wife, they were retuning home from a camping trip when their vehicle collided with the trailer in the driving lane. Both died instantly as the result of the collision.


We also learned that the couple had children. My partner and I searched through the camping gear in the vehicle in an attempt to locate the children to no avail. We later received notification that the children were safe with their grandmother.


The other accident where the passenger vehicle struck the piggy-back trailer was investigated by another one of our patrols. I don't remember very much of the details concerning this part of the accident except for the passenger that was found wandering dazed in the woods just off the autobahn from where the accident happened. He had apparently wandered off without being observed.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 6, Issue # 3, May-June 2003 edition of "The White Mice"


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