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Detachment B - Berlin

  Edward F. Smith




unidentified patrolmen (Berlin Detachment) at Checkpoint Baker



In a recent letter from Vernon Turnage, a former member of the Berlin detachment. Vernon indicated that he would like to see an article on the Berlin detachment. Vernon was one of the first active members of the association and remains so today. Vernon also has contributed several photographs and. regrets that he has been unable to attend our reunions due to poor health.


Records indicate that the Berlin detachment was billeted in Telefunken Bks. Some of the other members of the detachment with whom Vernon served are Sfc Joshua Leggett, Sgt Kenneth Meyers, Lee Kirby and Wilbur Ramey. Vernon had the opportunity to visit with his long time friend and former partner Wilbur Ramey at his home in Georgia a couple of years ago. Vernon states that they had a great time going over some Old photographs and lots of conversation about their days in the Berlin detachment.




Turnage, Vernon & Ramey, Wilbur, Det B - Berlin                                               Turnage, Vernon, Det B - Berlin             



As to the mission of the Berlin detachment t can only assume that it was much the same as ours. In addition to the normal mission. the detachment was also responsible for patrolling the autobahn between Berlin and Helmstedt which was under the control of the Russians. White patrolling this stretch of the autobahn their duties consisted of checking on overdue motorist, rendering aid and assistance to those stranded in the Russian zone and to investigate au traffic accidents involving American forces and dependent personnel. The accidents sometimes involved their own vehicle.




 Det B - Berlin


On December 20, 1954, the 62nd Military Police Company Highway Patrol was re-designated as the 62nd Military Police Company (Highway Patrol) and detachment "B" replaced detachment "F" at Seckenheim [on the autobahn between Heidelberg and Mannheim}. This re-designation eliminated all Highway Patrol duties in Berlin. n is unknown where the personnel were assigned hopefully it was with one of the detachments in the west.


If there is anyone who has further information on the Berlin detachment and would like to share it with the association members, I am sure that they as well as I, would be very interested in the activities and war stories that have occurred at this period in our history.



I deeply regret that this is all the information that I have on the Berlin detachment.




This story previously appeared in Volume #7, Issue # 1, Jan-Feb 2004 edition of "The White Mice"


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