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How I Came To Be On Active Duty With the

62nd M.P. Company (Highway Patrol)


by Gerald Hall




In November, 1956, I was laid off from work [being the last person hired while two others were transferred back to their original jobs as order clerks. Every place where I applied for work said they would try to hire me but, as I was in the process of turning '20 that month, or was already 20 in December. I was classified as 1-A, and considered to be draft bait [the term being used at the time].


After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to talk with my commanding officer at the reserve unit where I was a member. I requested active duty in an effort to complete my service obligation and perhaps help me to get a job after returning from active duty.


In January of J 957, I reported to Fort Knox, KY for basic training. Having completed basic training, I was sent to Fort Gordon, GA for Military Police training. After graduation some of the class was sent to Fort Dix, NJ. Some of the guys were sent to New York and California for assignments overseas. Others were assigned to various Forts' stateside. Several of us who had not received an assignment were wondering why we had not received our assignments. After the other guys departed the rest of us were called together and informed that we were receiving special assignments and would be traveling to our assignments by plane from McGuire Air Force Base which was located on the back side of Fort Dix.


Several of the guys were assigned to Honor Guard units, I was one of the lucky ones receiving an assignment with the 62nd Military Police Company [Highway Patrol] located in Germany. After arriving at Rhein-Main Air Base just outside of Frankfurt, Germany, those of us assigned to the Highway Patrol were transported to the Headquarters Detachment located in Heidelberg. After a short stay, I was assigned to Detachment "A" along with three others. Detachment "A" was located at Darmstadt on the autobahn. I served with the Highway Patrol in 1957 and 1958.


Sp4 Gerald D. Hall, Det. A - Darmstadt, 1958



This story previously appeared in Volume # 7, Issue # 6, November-December 2004 edition of "The White Mice"


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