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Published in Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt, German newspaper,

 No. 234, Monday, 29 September 1952.

submitted by  George Blumenfeld





This is the translation of a newspaper article from the "Garmisch-Partenkirchner Tagblatt No. 234, Monday, 29 September 1952. There was no name on the article and we can only assume that the article was written by one of the staff writers. The article was sent in by George Blumenfeld. Please keep in mind while reading this article that it is a translation and most likely translated by a German interpreter.


On the occasion of their 11th anniversary, MP displayed their equipment.


The military police is a rather young daughter of the American armed forces: they had their 11 the birthday on Friday. On this occasion they had invited all those interested to inspect their equipment at a display on Richard Strause Platz in front of Kurtheater.


A friendly sergeant with excellent knowledge of German was at disposal for giving information. He showed us the white patrol vehicles of the Highway Patrol which are able to catch almost any "escapee". These cars can make approximately 140 km per hour. Chasing of traffic offenders is supported by installed short-wave radio senders and receivers on a secret wave which is uniform for all MP stations within the US occupied zone. "We are, not just issuing tickets," the sergeant explained, "we also assist whenever necessary.  ''He showed us a gasoline filling apparatuses serving to help cars that have run out of gasoline; various first aid dressing material; car lifting devices and other necessary tools. Landpolizei informed us that just recently this car saved the life of a little citizen and his mom; the young man was too hasty in being brought to light- so the MP helped and everything worked out alright.


Next to the Highway Patrol car there were two jeeps on display which, with their 60 PS, are apt to run on even the worst roads. Of course, they are also very quick and have radio equipment. One of them was open and impressively displayed a heavy machine gun. In order to show the public that the job of an MP is a hard and tough one, a number of small arms were on display, such as carbine, shot gun, machine gun, normal pistol and, last not least, an American hand grenade which, as the sergeant tells us, "goes through everything".


Another thing was reported by the MP Sergeant. In America everybody, as soon as a police siren is screaming, drives his car to the extreme right of the road and stops it immediately. Then the police or the fire brigade or an ambulance can rush through heaviest traffic without hindrance. Unfortunately neither the blue police lights nor siren screaming are being sufficiently observed in Germany. This is causing a lot of headaches to the MPs as well as to the traffic patrols of the Landpolizei.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 8, Issue # 1, January-February 2005 edition of "The White Mice"


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