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 Germany      1948 - 1958

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by   Arthur Moller





While sitting in the hospitality room at the Chattanooga Cho-Cho where our reunion was held, I took the opportunity to look through the picture album of our unit. I soon came upon a picture of a little building with a white picket fence around it. To me, it looked just like Captain Ogelsby's office in Augsburg but, I cannot be sure that it is the same one since it happened so long ago. The fence brought back some fond memories of my time spent in the 62nd Military Police Company. Highway Patrol.


As I recall, the building was located in the middle of a military parking lot where Tanks, 2 1/2 ton trucks, 5 ton wreckers, APC's [Armored Personnel Carriers] and Jeeps were parked. This building stood out from everything else in the area because of the white picket fence .

. I was stationed at Nurnburg at the time and was sent to Augsburg to participate in a NEO field exercise which simulates escorting non-combatants from the area to a port of embarkation


on the coast of France. We arrived at Captain Oglesby's office prior to reporting to another Kaserne for our orders. As I back the sedan into a parking place located in the rear of the building, I failed to notice the little white picket fence and backed over it. there was nothing but what appeared to be kindling wood left of that portion of the fence by the time I discovered what had happened and pulled the sedan forward and clear of the fence. A check of the sedan revealed no damage.


Captain Ogelsby rushed out of his office shouting and cursing at me, it seemed like flames were coming from his mouth with each cursing comment that he made. His final comments were, all kinds of military vehicles maneuver around this white picket fence every day, and Moller comes down from Nurnburg and smashes my fence.


As I made the long trip through France and back, the white picket fence was on my mind. I wondered what I would have to deal with from the action Captain Ogelsby would take. It was not long after returning to Nurnburg that I got a bill from Captain Ogelsby for the repair of the little whit fence. The bill was for $35.00 which was a big chunk out of my months’ pay, spending money was very scarce for the rest of the month.



This story previously appeared in Volume # 9, Issue # 4, July-August-September 2006 edition of "The White Mice"


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