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  Albert N. Levison & Edward F. Smith




Webmaster’s Note:   There were several great pictures included with the original story.  Unfortunately, I do not have those in the limited photo archives that I have received for the website, and they do not copy well from the original White Mice article.  The Constabulary preceded MP’s and the Highway Patrol operations in occupied Germany.  I have long had an article about the Constabulary posted on our web pages - The Constabulary - Military Law Enforcement Efforts in Europe prior to the Highway Patrol.  It is located near the end of the History page.




Perhaps you are unaware as I was; that we have at least two members of the Highway Patrol who served in the Constabulary. One of these two Albert N. Levison who now resides in El Paso, TX, and the other Gilbert W. Clarke who is now deceased. I may have known before but a recent e-mail message from AI Levison brought it to my attention when he asked me to look at the US Constabulary's web-site. If you are interested in knowing more about the Constabulary you may want to check out their web-site at
www.usconstabulary.com. I think that both stories of Levison and Clarke would be great stories for our newsletter. These stories were written by Levison and Michael Clarke [son of Gilbert W. Clarke], and also includes photographs. I have taken some of the information from the web-site as well as some of the photographs to include in this article. To read their stories in its entirety, go to the web-site.


Photo not available.


Troop D, 68th Constabulary Squadron  - AUGSBURG


Prior to the commencement of the Berlin Airlift. I was assigned to "0" Troop. 68th Constabulary Squadron. 2nd Constabulary Regiment. in Augsburg. I was also assigned to Troop D. 27th Constabulary Squadron and the 74th FA Bn. Before leaving the Constabulary. At the time. I was a 17 year old Trooper. MOS 745. Infantry Rifleman. We moved out headed north. crossing the Danube River in regimental convoy. We ended up at a place which must have been near present day Vilseck. We set up a tent city. as there were only a couple of buildings, these we used as mess halls. The entire area surrounding the tent city was declared off limits. During this time we performed training exercises employing new tactics which apparently which later helped form the Armored Cavalry units.


In the following photographs. I am sitting astride the muzzle of the Monster German Cannon used in WW II. Another photograph shows the Cannon mounted on a rail car used in its transportation. Straw was found in the barrel. an indication that someone must have been sleeping inside. At the time there was no way to move the Cannon so additional track had to be laid along side.


The story of Gilbert W. Clarke will appear in the next issue of “The White Mice”.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 9, Issue # 5, Oct-Nov-Dec 2006 edition of "The White Mice"


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