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by  Mike Clarke (Gilbert's son)



Webmasterís Note:  As noted in part one, There were many great pictures included with the original story in The White Mice.  Unfortunately, I do not have those in the limited photo archives that I have received for the website, and they do not copy well from the original White Mice article.  The Constabulary preceded MPís and the Highway Patrol operations in occupied Germany.  I have long had an article about the Constabulary posted on our web pages - The Constabulary - Military Law Enforcement Efforts in Europe prior to the Highway Patrol.  It is located near the end of the History page.






1st Bde. HQ in Wiesbaden-1946-1949



My father, Gilbert W. Clarke, was in the Constabulary, 1946-49. He met my mother at 1st Bde. HQ's in Wiesbaden in 1947. She was a uniformed civilian [citizen of Luxembourg at the time] working in 1st Bde. HQ's as a secretary. Her maiden name was Marcelle Govers. I'm including a photo of her as well, in I believe, 4th Armored Div-issued uniform. They got married.in 1948 under the War Bride Act, and in early 49 they left the Constabulary for the states and other military assignments. My father died in 1997 but my mother, now 84; is doing well and living in northern Pennsylvania. where I reside as well. Evidently. in 1946, 1st Bde. HQ's in Wiesbaden was first housed in the then Henkel Champagne. Factory offices. According to my mother. they were still making champagne in the back. while the Constabulary HQ was in front. I find that at least a little amusing ... but anyway. they later moved 1st Bde. HQ to the so-called "Camp Pieri" location. which to me looks for all the world like a former German military installation of some kind. thus leaving the Henkel Champagne factory to its champagne-making devices. I'm including photos taken at both HQ locations. One of the files is titled "Dave Crocker- dadís best man 1948". Just as a matter of info. from what I have been told. Dave Crocker was the heir-apparent to some kind of manufacturing fortune ... What that business was. I don't recall. but I believe it had something to do with the food industry. Another of my father's buddies was a certain "Mansfield" .. .famous for shooting up jack rabbits with a machine gun and pilfered ammunition from the back of a jeep. [I'm telling' ya, you can't make this stuff up! LOL]. He is pictured on the right photo of the two Troopers at the MP Desk at Brigade Headquarters, I don't know for sure if that was at the Henkel Champagne factory location or later at the Camp Pieri location, but I suspect it was at the Henkel location since this photo was taken by my father, who after meeting and going out with my future mother, discontinued doing things like prolific picture taking.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 10, Issue # 1, January-February-March 2007 edition of "The White Mice"


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