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THE ENTERTAINER    by Arthur Moller




I was looking through The Saturday Evening Post recently and I was very much surprised to find a cartoon by my old friend Charles Castleman, we served in the Highway Patrol together.




Sometime in 1956; I was assigned to the Nurnburg detachment along with Charles Castleman and others whom I will not mention. Castleman and I were assigned as partners to participate in a NEO maneuver which required us to simulate escorting American dependents to a sea port somewhere in France.


We were somewhere in a small town in France when we had a flat tire. I stopped the car and we both got out of the vehicle to survey the damage. I took the keys from the ignition and proceeded to the trunk where I unloaded all the tools and the spare tire. I also noticed that a small group of people had gathered around our vehicle [white mouse]. My partner Charles who was a health nut and exercise freak decided to entertain the group by doing handstands and cartwheels, each time he did something the group would cheer and clap their hands. As I placed the jack under the bumper and started to raise the frontend, Charles popped the hubcap with the lug wrench and the group gave a loud hubcap, with the placing of each lug nut the crowd would cheer. Charles then did another handstand, the crowd cheered. As Charles removed the flat tire, the crowd once again cheered. Charles proceeded to remove the lug nuts one at a time and placed them on the cheered, and Charles did cartwheels and handstands. Charles then put the spare tire on and tightened all the lug nuts,


 I let the car down and to everyone's surprise the tire was flat, it was the same tire that he had just removed from the vehicle. The crowd really whistled and cheered. Charles got so mad that he chased everyone away. This time he put the right tire on and we proceeded on our merry way.


After we got out of the army, I became a lineman for an Electric Company and Charles went to work on the Spokane Police Department. After retirement Charles became an artist, or cartoonist.



The cartoons are reprinted with the permission of The Saturday Evening Post. see www.saturdaveveninapost.com



This story previously appeared in Volume # 13, Issue # 1, Jan-Feb-Mar 2010 edition of "The White Mice"


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