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  Jim Dinkelman




Cpl. James R. Dinkelman, Det K, 1952



In 1951, after military training [not MP], I was sent to Germany. Prior to leaving the states, I was assigned an MOS of Grave Registration specialist. My major in college was Funeral and Embalming thus resulting in my military training and job title. Upon arrival at the replacement depot in Germany they informed me that I was not needed in Germany and that I should hove been sent to Korea. I was sent to Wurzburg without a job description. While waiting further assignment; Sgt. Ray Emala from Bad Kissingen came to Wurzburg to find a replacement for Detachment "K" of the 62nd MP Highway Patrol. When Ray found out that I was from Baltimore [his hometown], he ask me if I wanted to join the Highway Patrol. I knew nothing about the unit however; I accepted the offer due to the fact that this was the first time since entering the Army that I was ask to do something. I was assigned to Bad Kissingen where I received training under the supervision of Sgt, Emala. Today, r~flecting back on my new assignment I realize that the best part was not the work but, the friends that I made. Especially close were Don Smith, George Eder from the Highway Patrol, Tom Francy and Jim Mulvaney from the local MP Detachment. The four of them were from Wisconsin. All four of them along with their wives have been close to Ann and I for fifty-eight years and lowe it all to my assignment in the Highway Patrol. Even though Smith, Francy and Mulvaney have passed away, we still maintain a close friendship with the surviving families.


Our reunions bring back a lot of good memories from those days gone by. Even though we only worked with a few of the members, we have always been accepted as long time friends. These memories can never be removed or forgotten from the minds and hearts  I also have good memories of Germany and the holidays, especially Christmas. One Christmas that I will never forget was the Christmas of 1952. A German Policeman who worked with us invited me to his house for Christmas dinner. It was a day that I will always remember; this being my first Christmas away from Ann and my family. Heinz Noell [German Policeman], his wife and daughter made me feel as if I was home. I remember that the Christmas tree was a live one with real candles. The dinner was also delicious. It was different for me but, it made my day.


I have to say that being assigned and accepted in the Highway Patrol was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It has given me life-long friends and everlasting memories which can never be taken away.





Cpl. James R. Dinkelman, Det K, circa 1952




This story previously appeared in Volume # 14, Issue # 1, Jan-Feb-Mar 2011 edition of "The White Mice"


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