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 (HIGHWAY PATROL) Detachment "e" Augsburg

by  Cpl. Gene Klompus





Though it has been over 57 years since my privileged time in the 62nd, my memories of that experience are very clear. It's amazing, despite the years that have elapsed, I can still close my eyes and see the Kaserne, the EES Station, my fellow highway patrolmen, our training, our unique sedans and the pride I felt for being a member of the 62ndl How can it be that a mere 24 month experience ... so many years ago can still be so vivid in my mind? The answer is simple: That experience is as pleasantly overwhelming to me now as it was to me back in 1955 and 1956.


Let me recall some of my memories of those days in Augsburg's Detachment "C":


  • Our annual "practice run" to Strasbourg, France ... an exercise to prepare us for the possibility that we might someday have to escort military dependents out of Germany.

  • Speeding down the Autobahn in all kinds of weather in a tandem race to transport blood or organs to answer a desperate need. We would race to the boundaries of our detachment and "hand off" the pouch or package to a highway patrolman from the next detachment ... and so on, until the destination was reached.

  • The jitters that we all felt the first time that we enlisted men had to apprehend an officer. It's funny how those jitters soon vanished.

  • Our special kitchen on the second floor of the Augsburg EES gas station. It was always well stocked with eggs and other goodies for us only. We also had cots there for a few winks after midnight on those occasional slow nights. But we never removed our uniforms, leather or pistol; we had to be instantly ready for any emergency.

  • Patrolling on an icy autobahn and slippery rural roads ... well aware that we would have to pay for any accident repairs to our patrol cars if the accident was deemed to be our fault. Several of our guys had regular payroll deductions for their negligence.

  • Occasions when we called in the Landes Polizei to assist in an incident involving US soldiers and German civilians. The Polizei were very respected professionals.

  • Hours spent filling out the 00578 Incident Reports

  • Advice from Provost Marshal Aaron Nathan and Captain Oscar Oglesby concerning a threat arising out of my arrest of two soldiers ... and their subsequent imprisonment.

  • Occasional bouts with highly spirited Airborne troops who often imbibed at rural gasthauses unaware that we frequently patrolled those places.

  • Inspections and the emphasis on our appearance. No outfit ever surpassed the "spit and polish" of the 62nd.


Yes, we all have many, many memories of those days in the 62nd Military Police Highway Patrol. It was a "one of a kind" organization and a "one of a kind" experience.


There will never be another 62nd Military Police Co. (Highway Patrol) like the one that we were all lucky enough to have shared.




This story previously appeared in Volume # 16, Issue # 4, Oct-Nov-Dec 2013 edition of "The White Mice"


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