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Editor’s note.  Information for this article has been gleaned from a variety of sources including: personal knowledge, interviews, correspondence, notes attached to various Highway Patrol records and stories, and from Ed “Smitty” Smith.  Individual information and details are not as complete for some individuals as I would like, however, we cannot include info that we do not have.  Please feel free to contact me with any additions, corrections, or needed changes.  Larry Linville.



Michael H. Ashley Deceased 5-13-2013.   Michael was a Sp3, assigned to Detachment C, Augsburg and Chiemsee  during 1956 and 1957.  He was also a Virginia State Trooper and later a Criminal Investigator with the Virginia State Police.  He retired from that agency.



George Blumenfeld was a Staff Sergeant assigned to Headquarters Co., at Patton Barracks, Heidelberg, under the command of Capt. Harry B. DeMott.  The first Sgt. was Jack Regh and the Supply Sgt. was George C. Lindenau.  George B. arrived from Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  This was only 8 days after the 62nd was re-organized on Sept. 20, 1951.  George was assigned as the company clerk and worked with newly arrived personnel assigned to the HP company.  After training, these men were reassigned to one of the 11 lettered detachments located throughout the U.S. Zone in Germany.  Months later, having requested a transfer, George was assigned to Detachment E in Garnisch Partenkirchen as a Patrol Sgt.  George remained there for the remainder of his tour of duty.


“Upon my return to civilian life in 1953 I became a security officer with the Atomic Energy Commission at Brookhaven National Lab in Upton, N.Y.  In 1957 I joined the Brookhaven Town Police Dept. as a rookie police officer.  Later, the Brookhaven Town Police was incorporated into the larger Suffolk County Police Dept. where I went on to the Detective Division, serving in the Homicide and Bunco units.”  George has been retired for many years and is presently 87 years of age.



Charles T. Castleman.  Charles was a Corporal in Detachment C in Nürnberg during 1955 through 1958.  Charles worked for the Spokane, WA Police Department, Charles worked as an artist and cartoonist.  Several of his cartoons appeared in the Saturday Evening Post and were reprinted in one of the editions of the White Mice HP newsletter.



James R. Dinkelman.  James was a Corporal assigned to Detachment K in Bad Kissingen in 1952.  After his discharge from active duty, James became a member of the Baltimore County, MD Police Department.  James is now retired from that department.



George D. Eder.  George was a Corporal assigned to Detachment K in Bad Kissingen and Würzburg during 1951 to 1953.  After serving his military service, George became a member of the Wisconsin State Patrol.  He is retired from that agency.



Raymond M. Emala Deceased 11-11-2017.   Ray was a Sergeant during 1951-1953, serving with Detachment K in Würzburg and Bad Kissengen.  After completing his military service Ray became a member of the Baltimore (city), MD police department.  Ray walked a foot beat, worked patrol in all districts of the city, worked as a detective, and retired as a sergeant in the mid 1970’s.



William R. Flanagan Deceased December 2011.  William served as a Sergeant assigned to Detachment B in Seckenheim in 1956.  Upon his return to civilian life he became a police officer with the U. S. Supreme Court Police in Washington, D.C.  He retired from that department.



Antonio F. Gomez Deceased 1997.  Antonio was a Corporal in Detachment H in Nurnburg during 1948 to mid 1952.  He later served in the Army CID, and retired as a CWO.  He served with the Las Cruces, NM Police Department and was Chief of Police during the period 1973 to 1978.



Richard D. Kateley.  Sp3, Det. B-Seckenheim & Karlsruhe, 1956-59.  Information received from Edward Smith that Richard was employed with the Old Saybrook, CT Police Department.  No Further Information available.



Gerd (Fritz) Konieczny.  Gerd was assigned to Detachment B and worked out of Seckenheim and Karlsruhe during 1956 to 1958.  Upon returning to civilian life, Gerd worked for the Los Angeles, CA Police Department.  He is retired from that agency, and presently resides in TN.



Robert A. Krome.  Robert was a Corporal assigned to Detachment C in Augsburg and Stuttgart during 1957 and 1958.  He has written, “After nearly 38 years in law enforcement, I am now retired.   In 1980, I became Chief of Police in our community” (Forks Township Police Department, Easton, PA).



Carrol P. Land Deceased 9-20-2005.  Captain, Detachment B, Seckenheim Commanding Officer, 1957-58.  Cordy Winburn has advised that Capt. Land was a law enforcement officer in Ruleville, MS after his return to civilian life,



George W. LEDBETTER.  George was a Pfc in Detachment K in Aschaffenburg in 1952.  It has been reported that he used to work for the Greensboro Police Department.



Larry J. Linville.  A Pfc in Detachment A in Darmstadt during 1958.  When the Highway Patrol was deactivated, was transferred along with a HP vehicle and equipment to the 709th MP Bn., Company D, and the Kassel detachment.  Continued to perform HP duties there, and then was assigned to the Bad Hersfeld detachment, continuing to performed HP and MP duties.  Returned to the US in mid 1960 and was discharged from the Army. 


Appointed to the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. in 1961.  My law enforcement duties included: uniformed patrol, old clothes tactical patrol force, plain clothes and undercover assignments, and a two-year stint as a special weapons and tactics instructor.  During the latter assignment, I made recommendations for the formation of a bomb disposal unit within the department and was then assigned to develop plans for training and equipping the unit.  I received a variety of training, and then served ten years as the Senior Explosive Technician for the police department, retiring from that position in late 1980. 


I taught a number of specialized courses as a frequent instructor at the MPD academy, as well as providing many advanced courses regarding bombs, explosive disposal, and anti-terrorism techniques for many local, state, federal, and foreign law enforcement agencies, as well as private industry.  In 1982, I was employed to teach and facilitate a special project for the Military Police Corps in USAREUR.  This was contracted through the auspices of the European Division, University of Maryland, in Heidelberg.  The training and instruction was conducted on various military bases and facilities where the MP units and detachments were located, primarily throughout central and southern Germany.  This, for me, was a very fulfilling endeavor. 


Upon my return to the U.S., I once again resumed my consulting work as well as recommencing my adjunct teaching duties at a local college.  I also enrolled in graduate school to complete my Masters and Doctorial programs.  I was than asked to take a full-time position with the college and assume the role of program head for one of our five campuses.  My teaching career continued for thirty plus years teaching a variety of courses in the criminal justice field.  Four regional and local police academies were also tied into our program as we provided accreditation and certification programs for them and the state.  I am now a professor emeritus and very happy to be fully retired.



 Roger A. MacDonald.  Rodger was a Corporal in Detachment C in Stuttgart during 1957 and 1958.  “In January of 1960, we left Germany and the Army.  I became a police officer in Lewiston, ID.  I started walking the beat, was promoted to the rank of Sgt., Detective, Lieutenant., Patrol Captain. and was interim Chief for a few months until I retired from the LPD.”


“I found that the retired life was a bit boring and signed on as the Chief of Security – Security Director at Lewis-Clark State College where I continued in the law enforcement field until I retired from there.  Now I'm just 'tired'.”



Leroy (Lee) D. MEADOWS Deceased March 27, 2009.  Leroy was a Sergeant in Detachment C in Augsburg and Cheimsee  in 1956 to 1958.  He served 7 ½ years in the U.S. Army Military Police and as an Instructor at the MP Corps Training Center.  He served 20 years with the Arkansas State Police with 18 of those years in Mississippi County.  He then served 2 ½ years as a Deputy Sheriff and was serving his 18th year as Sheriff of Mississippi County when he passed away.



Leland B. Rutter Deceased 1997.  Leland was a Lieutenant, Detachment I - Stuttgart Detachment Commander from 1950 or 1951 to 1954.  He is reported to have served as a State Policeman in Oregon.



Edward F. Smith.  Ed was a Corporal in Detachment B at Seckenheim in 1956 through 1959.  He continued with an Army career of 20 years and 23 days.  After that retirement in July, 1974, Ed returned to Hickory, NC and became the Director of Public Safety and Security at Lenoir Rhyne University.  He was in that position for 23 years and 7 months before retiring once again.



Edward L. Tieche Deceased 11-28-2013.  Edward was a Sp3, assigned to Detachment D in Vogelweh in 1956.  After serving his military obligation, Edward joined the Virginia State Police before returning to Indiana.  Ed’s son, Lee has advised that his father left the State Police after less than a year as he did not feel that he had the proper demeanor required for that job.



Donald Waite Deceased 06-03-2016.  Donald was a Sergeant and served with Detachment C in Augsburg and Detachment I in Stuttgart during 1953 and 1954.  He became a U.S. Marshal.  He was assigned to the District of New Hampshire, and retired from that position.  After retirement he moved to Powhatan, VA.



Schuyler G. Watts Deceased 01-23-2016.  Schuyler was a Pfc in Detachment C in Augsburg during 1957 and 1958.  After his military service he joined the New York State Police.  He retired from that department.



Walter White.  Walter was a Corporal, assigned to Detachment A in Darmstadt in 1956.  He had previously served with the 572nd Military Police co. in Salzburg, Austria.  Walter re-enlisted in 1956 for six years and served two more tours in Europe.  One tour in Hanau, Germany and one in France.  During that period he graduated from the Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (C.B.R.) School in Anniston Alabama; was promoted to Sgt. and graduated from the Seventh Army N.C.O. Academy in Bad Tölz, Germany.


In 1969 he joined the  Detroit Police Department in Michigan spending two years as a Patrol and Youth Bureau Officer.  He attained the rank of Sgt. and spent approx. 15 years in the Internal Controls Bureau, and the Office of the Chief Investigator where he served in the Vice Section Liquor License Unit, supervising the Investigators that investigated and approved all liquor licenses in the City of Detroit in conjunction with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  He retired in 1994 after serving for twenty-five years.


Following the 911 Attack he was one of a dozen retired members sworn in as Special Deputies, in the U.S. Marshals Service in Detroit.  He states that he is “currently a retired, disabled Vet , due to a Knee Replacement from an injury sustained while serving in Germany”, and presently “80 years old and very much enjoying my retirement”.



Cordy L. Winburn.  Cordy served as a Corporal with Detachment B in Karlsruhe from 1955 to 1958.  Cordy continued his Army career, retiring in 1974.  After returning to civilian life, Cordy served four years with the Hartsville, SC police department, and another 14 years with the law enforcement at the Robinson Nuclear Plant in Hartsville.



NOTE: It is very probable that other members of the 62nd Highway Patrol may have been (or were) involved in civilian law enforcement duties after leaving the military.  Unfortunately, their stories have not been reported, and further details are unknown at this time.


This article was attached to the March 15, 2018 HP communiqué.  It was revised 3-18-2018.


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