62nd Highway Patrol (MP)
 Germany      1948 - 1958


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Every effort has been made to make this website as accurate, informative, and comprehensive in content as possible. To the many of you that have submitted information, facts, and data in support of this goal, you have my sincere gratitude.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or if you have found any information that should be corrected.   I will welcome any pertinent material to be added to our pages.  Your assistance will always be greatly appreciated and your complaints will always will be taken under advisement.  Pulling this all together, putting it online, and keeping it maintained is a time and labor intensive undertaking.  I hope you enjoy the site.  Please note the acknowledgements that recognize some of the contributors to this site.


I may be contacted at: HPwebmeister@gmx.com


My time with the Highway Patrol was a memorable part of my life.  It was far too short.  It was the best duty of my entire military experience.  Should you desire to know more about my background after duty with the HP, you may visit my faculty webpage at this link.



This Highway Patrol website would not have been possible without the original work of several other individuals.


First and foremost, I acknowledge and thank the tireless worker that gathered and collected the majority of unit material, our association founder, former "White Mice" editor, and Emeritus Association President, Edward F. Smith.  Ed's work as executive director & administrator has been done on behalf of all of us from the old Highway Patrol unit.  His efforts in locating former members, establishing our association, coordinating many of the reunions, following up on information, and editing our newsletter have been superb.  The results of his efforts have had a tremendous impact on each of our active members.


The next acknowledgement and thank you must go to the tireless worker, Bob Escher.  He was the webmaster of the 1st Military Police Group Website, now offline. That original website contained information on several MP groups - the 20th MP, the 62nd MP, the 895th MP, and other attached units in Okinawa.  Noting that the aforementioned 62nd MP unit was the reactivated organization (MP) to which out HP troopers were originally assigned.  He devoted some of the website to information about the 62nd in Germany - our original unit. 


I would also like to thank the members of the Highway Patrol that have provided input, articles, stories, pictures, and other memorabilia to Ed and myself.  Our website now contains a listing of all known former members of the Highway Patrol unit in Germany.  If you can provide any assistance in this endeavor, particularly by providing information on dates of service and/or  duty stations for yourself, friends, or colleagues; or if you can add any captions or information for our many photos that are now displayed, it will be greatly appreciated. 


December 2016 addendum.  The 62nd MP Highway Patrol association recently announced that the Oct-Nov-Dec 2016 edition (Volume 19, Issue # 4) was the LAST issue of the Newsletter.  The editor has ceased further publication.  Our participating membership has been declining, most significantly in the last several years.  We stopped collecting dues in 2012, depleting all existing association funds in the ensuing years.  


Our website has undergone a complete revision and besides being totally up-to-date, all necessary expenses (web hosting, domain registration, and domain address forwarding) have been pre-paid through the next five years (thru 2021).  Thus, the story of the HP and its legacy will continue into the future.  This was accomplished through existing funds, plus donations from your officers, and a gift made by our late comrade-in-arms, Raymond Emala, through a contribution from his daughters Susan and Rita in his memory.  Thanks to all.


As Email will now be a primary means of communication (in addition to this website) it is imperative that the webmaster has a viable email address for all that want to receive updates and periodic HP information.  My present list only covers a small percentage (approximately 11%) of our former HP members. 

Larry Linville



Many of the pictures and news articles have appeared previously in The White Mice [or Die Weißen Mäuse] newsletters [another benefit for members].  We need your continued input and support to provide future newsletter articles.  If you were a member of the Highway Patrol in Germany, and have not yet joined the association as an active member, you are missing out on a variety of benefits and fellowship.  Please consider joining.  Click to go to the  62nd Military Police (Highway Patrol) Association information page

Important Notice:  If there are any pictures, references or information contained in this web site that are copyrighted by someone else, or that are the sole property of a company or individual, and you do not wish to have it on this site, contact the webmaster and this item will be removed immediately.



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